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Steven Dean Interview


1.What made you choose an alternative and essential way of life? What happened to you in your life?

After going up many wrong avenues in my search for truth, including a few years dwelling on conspiracy doings, I finally came across A Course in Miracles. After opening its pages at random and reading but a few lines, I instinctively knew I had to not only learn the contents thoroughly, but also go on to teach it. Which I long since have done.

2. How much do you want to create a wonderful world?

Having taught ACIM’s truth every day for the past five years, it is my intention to teach until I need to teach no more.

3. What do you want to leave for the world and its children?

A total understanding of Who they Truly Are.

4. The role of true Oneness with all the universe.

The role of true Oneness with all the universe.

5.What kind of future do you see if you live in love of oneness?

In the near future, teaching far and wide. In the coming future, reunite with them wholly as every last one of finally awakens to Truth and returns Home for good.

スティーブン・ディーン プロフィール
作家。アメリカ在住。イギリス出身。「奇跡のコース(A Course in Miracles)」のティーチャーとしても活躍している。
“Forgiveness means giving up any hope of a better past”.


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