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Colin Andrews Interview


1.What made you choose an alternative and essential way of life? What happened to you in your life?

As a very young child, I often felt that other young people were frivolous towards each other and the planet. I felt that they were not taking the opportunity to enjoy and participate in the respect for wildlife in a deep meaningful way but base enjoyment upon gifts and entertainment. My enjoyment for life came more from feeling the wind blowing across my face and through my hair and interacting with flowers, trees and wild animals etc. It fealt like I had arrived on the wrong planet or with the wrong humans. I began internally searching for why such a feeling existed.

2. How much do you want to create a wonderful world?

In every breath I have the desire for our people to respect each other and to work urgently to bringing us all, along with all creatures and the planet, Mother Earth, into coherence as one. A loving, peaceful, trusting and compatible environment is security and love for everyone. I want to do all I can to assist and encourage those people, young and old, who are placing themselves forward to help bring this about.

3. What do you want to leave for the world and its children?

I want to leave this world and its children, hope and inspiration to focus urgently upon forgiveness for past events and loving respect towards all peoples, in all lands and beliefs. To love each neighbor as ones own and to have the courage to break past aggressive actions dictated by less friendly minds. To take high spiritual ground always and allow discord to find its way to happiness.

4. The role of true Oneness with all the universe.

My endeavor is in sync and at one with MARTH whom I have the greatest respect and admiration.

5.What kind of future do you see if you live in love of oneness?

I see living as one with oneness as living as one with loveness (my word). The opposite end of the emotional and energy spectrum to love, is hate and so in these complex times, with so much challenge, we have only one place our beautiful planet deserves to go and that is the only thing in this world that is real and that is ‘Love’. It creates, it constructs and it is what we can all experience together. The future of oneness is achievable and we hold all that is required.

Colin Andrews is best known for his research into the crop circle & UFO subjects since 1983 and the last fifteen years ‘Consciousness’ and ‘Climate Change’. He is also an accomplished photographer.
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